We are pleased to share the positive outcome of the SERMex FireSpill exercise held on May 24 and 25, 2023 at the SERM Academy in Portis Vecchio. During these two intense and learning-rich days, the Firefighters of Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige joined forces to test the Quick Triage methodology on the buildings of the SERM Academy training camp in Portis Vecchio di Venzone.

The Quick Triage methodology, developed over the years by our team and published in the iTriage volume (link), has proven to be an important resource for quickly evaluating and classifying multiple critical situations, in order to optimize emergency management. The Quick Triage methodology allows for a rapid assessment of the conditions of a building following a seismic event, supporting decision-makers in defining intervention priorities and adopting the necessary measures to manage the emergency.

For this exercise, Professor Grimaz coordinated the field briefing and debriefing for the two days. Thanks to his experience and expertise, the participants were able to deepen their understanding of the fundamental principles of Quick Triage and acquire practical knowledge of evaluation techniques.

Field briefing before surveys.

During the exercise, the Firefighters demonstrated exceptional commitment  in putting their knowledge into practice. The lessons learned during these days will be shared and used with the aim of perfecting the application of the Quick Triage methodology and ensuring even more efficient use in emergency situations.

Field briefing before surveys.
Survey of buildings during the exercise.
Mobile unit of the SPRINT-Lab.
The drone equipped with a visor provides an important resource, allowing the observation of building damages from an aerial perspective.
Debriefing inside the Firefighters' tent, coordinated by Professor Grimaz.
Group photo, May 25, 2023