University courses

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Seismology applied to engineering

Master's degree course in "Environment and Territorial Engineering" (DM 270/04). Educational objectives : to learn about the origin e physics of earthquakes, the fundamentals of generation and propagation of seismic waves, seismometry and characterization of earthquakes; to understand the meaning and the measuring of ground motion, the seismicity space-time distribution,

Safety and civil protection

Master's degree course in “Environmental and Territorial Engineering" (DM 270/04). Educational objectives: to provide conceptual and methodological references for the analysis, evaluation and management of safety from an intersectoral perspective; to acquire applicative knowledge on methods and techniques to identify prevention and protection strategies and to plan emergency management;

Safety Management and Resilience

Master's degree course in “Law for Companies and Public Administration's Innovation”. Educational objectives : the course aims at providing cognitive and methodological tools for the safety management in the organizations, both in ordinary and emergency conditions, considering the internal and external context (including organizational, technological and natural risks) in an integrated
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