STOP: a decision support tool for post-seismic provisional works.

The acronym STOP stands for technical fact-sheets for provisional works (in Italian “Schede Tecniche per le Opere Provvisionali”).


In the emergency phase following the earthquake of 6th April 2009 in L’Aquila, many damaged buildings needed provisional works in order to stop the progression of the existing damages, both for saving the building and for improving the practicability of streets. The management of this problem has been committed to the Italian National Fire Department that, with the scientific coordination of University of Udine, has developed the STOP project.

The large amount of interventions and the almost frequent change of the fire fighters teams showed the necessity of standardization of these works and the definition of decision support tools for the fire fighter operators. STOP project answers to both necessities by defining technical fact-sheets that help and guide the fire fighters from the design to the realization phases.

Esempio di ralizzazione

Indeed, the STOP project deals with the definition of a decision support tool, i.e. a “vademecum”, for the fire fighter operators. This decision support tool can guide both decision and operating processes for realizing provisional works by fire department in order to improve post-earthquake safety. The acronym STOP stands for technical fact-sheets for provisional works (in Italian “Schede Tecniche per le Opere Provvisionali”). The aim of STOP project is to provide the fire fighters operators with a working tool to lead them to make provisional works on buildings. The fact-sheets will lead the operators to recognize the problem (the characteristic of the damage) and to define one or more solutions, underlying the critical processes. Particular attention is paid for the safety of the operators, that will work in an unsafe area.
STOP project and STOP fact-sheets are the result of a continuous feed-back between theoretical evaluations and practical ones: the solutions are therefore developed starting from the know-how of fire fighters, and can be used also as a teaching tool.

Manuale e vademecum STOP

In order to explain the results and the scientific research also a Manual has been created (called "Manuale delle opere provvisionali. L'intervento tecnico urgente in emergenza sismica", only in Italian). The Manual is strictly connected with  the "Vademecum STOP".

Tha Handbook (only in Italian) and the Vademecum (in Italian, English, French and Slovenian) can be downloaded from this site or from the National Fire Corps web-site.