SERMex 2014


From April 28 to May 8 there was an exercise in Venzone. It aims ate testing the effectiveness of the response of the institutions of the FVG in case of an earthquake, also through the assessment of structural criticities/ problems and the managment of urgent technical interventions for emergency safety.



The exercise arise from the collaboration of the Italian National Fire Service and the SPRINT-Lab of the University of Udine which as been originated from the experience of the Abruzzo earthquake (2009) and later developed during  Emilia earthquake (2012) and Garfagnaga-Lunigiana one (2013).

This collaboration allows to optimize the response of the technical and urgent assistance system of the institutions of the FVG in case of an earthquake.
This has led to the establishment, within the National Fire Corps, of a new technical-specialist system called STCS (Short Term Countermeasures System) for the rapid identification and classification of critical issues, the planning of interventions and their implementation according to predefined standards.



Portis Vecchio (training camp of the SERM Academy)