Research topics


Area focus sicurezza incendio

Fire safety and emergency

This research area is focused on the development of decision support tools for the emergency planning, management and assessment in complex environments as work places (offices, industries, schools, hospitals, etc.), large places of assembly, Na-Tech prone areas. Particular attention is paid to the interaction between engineering and human behavioural factors.

Area focus sicurezza sismica

Seismic safety

This research topic aims at identifying and developing rapid and low cost strategies in order to mitigate the seismic risk, both with prevention (adopting techniques based on seismic vulnerability evaluation) and through the development of "ad hoc" decision supporting tools.

Area focurs Sicurezza sul luogo di lavoro

Occupational health and safety

This research area is concerned on the development of occupational health and safety decision and support tools. In particular the studies are focused on organization and management topics, paying attention on technical and behavioural factors.

Area focus Emergenze ambientali

Environmental emergency

This research area aims to make predictive evaluations and support tools to prevent environmental damage in case of natural or man-made accidents. In particular the purpose is to provide informative support for Rescue Services in decision making during emergency response operations.