SERM Academy

The SERM Academy was set up with the aim of strengthening an integrated system for the seismic emergency management and to improve the cross-border interoperability among civil protection actors.

The small village of Portis Vecchio is used as training site of the SERM Academy. Portis Vecchio was abandoned after the 1976 earthquake, as it was located under an impending rock-fall landslide; nowadays, it shows a situation of “how it was” immediately after the 1976 earthquake. This case of real post-earthquake scenario has been recognized as extremely useful for full-scale exercise sessions purposes, in particular for assessing structural damage and for post-earthquake technical interventions on buildings.

The project takes advantage of the synergic collaboration among Civil Protection of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, University of Udine, Italian National Fire Service, Municipality of Venzone and “Associazione dei Comuni terremotati e dei Sindaci della ricostruzione del Friuli”.

SERM-ex 2017 exercise