Teach & Learn seismic safety at high school: the SISIFO project

TitleTeach & Learn seismic safety at high school: the SISIFO project
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsPeruzza L, Saraò A, Barnaba C, Bragato PL, Dusi A, Grimaz S, Malisan P, Mucciarelli M, Zuliani D, Cravos C
JournalBollettino di Geofisica Teorica ed Applicata
ISSN Number0006-6729
KeywordsItaly, seismic risk education, seismic safety in schools, SISIFO project

We present the educational activities developed within a project that aims at
disseminating the knowledge about seismic safety at high schools. SISIFO (SIcurezza
SIsmica nella FOrmazione scolastica, that in English sounds like “seismic safety in
school training”), is the name of the project and during the school year 2013-2014,
fourteen high schools of north-eastern Italy joined it, working in different activities to
comply with the school curricula. We provided the teachers with conceptual guidelines
together with some educational materials in order to stimulate the inventiveness and
the interest of the students. The students were engaged in labs on the earthquake
source, in the detection of non-structural seismic safety elements, in monitoring of
the local site and building responses and in risk perception surveys. They provided a
stimulating, bi-directional learning process that culminated in a workshop, held at the
University of Udine (Italy) on April 7, 2014, when the students illustrated their work.
The project experience has been positive and we believe that it can be replicated and
properly integrated in the future training of high school students. © 2016-OGS.